Dissemination of Guidelines

Best Practice Guidelines

Professionals in the focus group consultation discussed the necessary actions that would be required for successful dissemination and implementation of the guidelines. Their suggestions included the following:

8.1  Management buy-in for implementation of the guidelines

8.2 Various formats of information to be provided including leaflets, booklets, checklists and laminated sheets containing the guidelines; displayed in community and hospital service settings;

8.3 Training to be provided as detailed above

8.4 Direct communication of guidelines from professional bodies, unions and academic faculties.

8.5 The Guidelines to be provided as part of hospital orientation/induction

8.6 The Guidelines to be included in hospital accreditation processes.

The most widely chosen formats chosen by professionals in the national questionnaire survey for dissemination/training in informing families of their child’s disability were ‘training course with peers’ and ‘interdisciplinary training course’.

Click here to download a PDF of the Best Practice Guidelines for Informing Families of their Child's Disability

A pilot implementation project took place in the Cork region over a two year period and developed a range of tools and supports for implementing the Best Practice Guidelines. Find out more about the Cork Pilot Project.  

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