Early information you can print for parents

There are lots of questions that families may have when their child is diagnosed with a disability, or when there are concerns that a child may have a disability. In this section of the website we provide information that you can print and supply to families in answer to some of these questions.

Families differ in the amount and type of information that they require, so make sure to work with the individual family and pace the amount of information that you provide to their preferences and needs. Listening skills are very important to guage how much information to provide: some families will seek lots of information and others will feel overwhelmed and may prefer to wait a while.

You can click on the options on the left hand side to get information on different topics, such as 'What are "Early Intervention Services"?'  and 'The professionals you may meet', and 'Advice on Internet searching'. There are printable leaflets available or you can print plain text.

You can find information on the entitlements and benefits that may be available to the family in the Entitlements and Benefits section.

The A-Z of supports provides a list of information and supports that parents and professionals have found useful, some of which may be helpful for the families that you support.

This website provides translated materials for families in 7 additional languages. If you would like to find materials to print in other languages, please return to the home page and click on 'Information for Families'. Each of the elements of information is translated into Gaeilge, Polish, Romanian, Russian, French, Lithuanian and Brazilian Portuguese.


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